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Weird ksysv behaviour

I have just tried using KSysV for the first time. And I have found it rather 
useless. I would like to know if it is the same case in your configurations, 
to eventually report the bug.
1. I cannot exit KSysV. Neither exit from menu, nor alt-f4/x button works. 
Only old fashioned kill works. Ouch, I have found a way to quit the app. Just 
to modify something (e.g. cut a service). Then just choose exit from menu, it 
will warn you about loosing changes, but after re-selecting quit it will 
eventually quit.
2. When started from menu it asks for root permissions. Understood. But then 
when I click on edit button (to edit a service) it says kded cannot launch 
kwrite. The same works when executed as normal user.
3. General usability. Is there a possibility of operating on group of services 
and/or levels? I can see only a way to edit single process/level at a time.


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