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Re: network configuration


[vie, 21 abr 2006 16:45:47 -0400] - Andrew Schulman:
> > I think, one day, network manager will be the way to go.  For now, I'll have
> > to rely on ifplugd and whereami.
> Whew.  Linux for desktops and laptops has made enormous strides, but this is
> one area where it lags badly.  The range of tools-- ifplugd, whereami,
> waproamd, wpasupplicant, network-manager, all of the wireless tools, and
> others that I can't even remember now-- and their interactions is simply
> baffling to me, and I'm a long-time Debian user with a moderate to high
> tolerance for complexity.
> There are things in Linux (like network servers) that I like to tinker with
> and get just right, and then there are things (like sound) that I don't care
> how they work, I just want them to work.  WLAN association is in the latter
> category.  I have to say that Microsoft has really done an excellent job
> with their taskbar applet for WLANs in XP SP2.  It's easy to set up, and
> once it's set up it mostly just works without any intervention.

For managing wireless NICs maybe you'll find SWScanner [1] usefull. It has
a wider range of functions but among them it allows you to easily
search, store, asociate, deasociate and configure wireless networks.

Anyway, network-manager looks _very_ promising :-)

> Fortunately, looking at the current ferment in open source tools in this
> area, I predict that in about one year, we'll have a good set of easy-to-use
> tools for moving between WLANs with a laptop.  Linux will catch up.

[1] http://www.swscanner.org

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