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Re: unstable in temporal flux :)

yeah, i noticed that this morning when X wouldn't start after lastnight's 
update. X couldn't find my fonts giving a lot errors like this:

"Could not init font path element /usr/local/share/fonts, removing from list!"

spend some time figuring out that i had to add 

    FontPath    "unix/:7100"

to my /etc/X11/xorg.conf to make it work again. so apparently the fonts only 
work through xfs and not directly...

On Thursday 13 April 2006 15:47, Anders E. Andersen wrote:
> Just a small word of warning. If you have a nice working unstable distro
> on your computer, maybe now isn't the best time to upgrade it. x11r7 is
> entering unstable, and it is causing a few minor hickups..
> Anders

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