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KMail auto-killing the first receipt-account in the list??????

I am using the following combo: KDE 3.5, Kontact 1.2 and Kmail 1.9.1 on a
Sid system with my own kernel.
The problem described below was also present on my previous KDE 3.4.3 +
whatever version of kmail was current then.

What happen is: Every time I start up kmail or kontact, the first account,
in the list of receiving accounts, has been deleted from Kmail. I add it
again. It is now the last account in the list. Upon closing/starting
kmail/kontact, the "new" number one of the list (the previous no 2) as been

As the problem has persisted through an upgrade, I am am quite sure one of
the configuration files has been screwed up. But which one and where?

1) Has anybody out there experienced this and found a cure?
2) Can somebody please direct me to some detailed documentation on the kmail
filestructure and fileformats, as I haven't been able to find any?

Thanks in advance


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