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Re: KDE and Hardware detection

Jérôme Marant wrote:

I recently tried KDE on Suse 9.3, and happily noticed that when plugging
a USB stick, it is automatically mounted somewhere within /media and
a Konqueror instance pops up, showing the content of the stick.
It seems to make use of HAL, but I also noticed something called "Suseplugger".

Is it possible to get the same behaviour on Debian unstable (KDE 3.5),
and how? (I have hal installed).

Thanks in advance.

see here, steps 1) - 3):

For unstable and KDE 3.5 you need "dbus" instead of "dbus-1".

Also make sure that you have upgraded to the current version of both
udev (0.084-1) and hal/libhal1 (0.5.6-2).

This should get you an icon on the Desktop whenever you insert a USB
stick or a CD. Further automatic actions, such as "Open in New Window"
or "Play" (audio CD) can be configured in "K-Menu > Control Center >
Peripherals > Storage Media". (If everything works properly you will be
prompted for a default action when you insert a given media type for the
first time.)


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