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Re: Re: KDE 3.5 Release Candidate 1 packages available on alioth

Hi Christopher,
> Well, the idea behind the packages is to test them and ready them for 
> inclusion in the archive. If the archive will contain the old dbus/hal, 

I disagree for some reasons:
- People testing stuff from experimental will probably also want to test
DBUS and GNOME from experimental. After all, they are brave experimental
testers! Currently this means uninstalling KDE (which I just did.)
- New DBus will enter unstable some time, too, you know. You should also
test KDE with the new DBus, why don't you do it at the same time?
- Gnome 2.12 has been sitting in experimental for a month now - they
will probably upload to unstable soon, too? Especially since they aren't
affected much by the C++ allocator changes I think.
- Gnome 2.12 was shipped with Ubuntu Breezy, so it has received a
*serious* amount of testing already on a Debian-based system
- Downgrading dbus from experimental to unstable shouldn't be hard, *because* the package
names have changed and they conflict... so once you upload KDE packages
to unstable, even with an old dbus, a simple "apt-get install kde
dbus-1" should install the new KDE and the old dbus again. They'll only
get conflicts if they have other dbus-related stuff (read: gnome from
experimental) installed. In that case they can just stick with the
experimental version...

> removal/reinstallation. Besides rebuilding kdebase, we'd have to rebuild 
> k3b, since it also uses the old dbus/hal in unstable.

K3B is actually the only reason (apart rare konqueror webpage tests) why
I have parts of KDE installed... So I'd prefer to have it built with
experimental DBUS, too... ;-)

best regards,
Erich Schubert
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