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Re: Can't get Window key to work as menu launch any longer

On November 21, 2005 12:13, Peder Chr. Nørgaard wrote:
> I have a very small, but annoying problem:  The "Windows" key worked
> earlier for me by default, to launch the KDE Menu.  I am not certain
> whether it was the upgrade XFree86->Xorg, or the upgrade KDE 3.3->3.4 -
> but the key has stopped working. Alt-F1 works just fine, still.

The original hack for this was dropped, but you can still get the same 
functionality by going to the Control Centre, Regional and Accessibility, 
Keyboard Layout, then the Xkb Options tab, and selecting "Press any of 
Win-keys to choose 3rd level" under "Third level choosers". Then restart 
KDE, and go back to the Control Centre, Regional and Accessibility, 
Keyboard Shortcuts, and map "Popup Launch Menu" to the Win key as you would 
any other key (KDE will tell you that you're using the ISO_Level3_Shift key 
or something similar). Only seems to work for the left Win key, but that's 
all I wanted, personally.

Christopher Martin

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