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Re: Koffice 1.4.2 available for Sarge

On Sunday, 20 November 2005 17:35, Bud Rogers wrote:
> I added the alioth entry to my sources.list and upgraded koffice last
> night.  This morning I decided to take the new koffice for a spin.
> Kspread worked fine.  Kword fails with this error:
> ~$ /usr/bin/kword
> koffice (lib kofficecore): WARNING: libkformula.so.3: cannot open shared
> object file: No such file or directory

> I think I am up to date.  Have I overlooked something?
Uhm, I've just tested it here in a clean Sarge environment and kword works ok.

I don't know what can be happening there :?, sorry

Best regards and let me know if you discover something.

Isaac Clerencia at Warp Networks, http://www.warp.es
Work: <isaac@warp.es>   | Debian: <isaac@debian.org>

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