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Re: applications on login

El lunes, 14 de noviembre de 2005 09:30, roberto escribió:
> hello
> i'd like to automatically start on login some applications when i
> begin my kde session, like Yahoo! Messenger, Skype, Mozilla,
> KOrganizer etc;
> i'm currently using KDE 3.3 options: "save session on logout" and when
> i start again my kde session i find almost everything as i left it
> out, except for some applications like those i wrote before; now some
> questions:
> 1. what do you suggest to solve this issue?

	The easiest way is upgrade to KDE 3.4 ;-). I had the same problem with 
Firefox until 3.4, when my FF was restored on login. This, combined with 
SessionSaver extension, brings FF almost in the same state as you left.

	You can use the hint provided by Ulrich in 3.3.

> 2. how can i know if there exists a upper limit for the number or
> dimension of applications running such that they can be correctly
> saved on logout? maybe kde does an automatic "cut"  if i am using too
> much memory when i logout, before saving my session? currently, i do
> not use beyond 180MB of memory

	Applications are not saved "a la" Windows, i.e., the applications are 
properly finished, and then reloaded with initial parameters in order to 
mimic the final state.

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