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Re: Need help with KDM/X11 guts...

Hello Michael,

What you describe might be caused by a problem with your /etc/kde3/kdm/kdmrc or by your user's .bash_profile. Try to create a new "generic" user and see if KDM lets you log on then. If that works you can comment out things in your normal .bash_profile until you find the command which causes the problem.

See /usr/share/doc/kdm/NEWS.Debian.gz for more details.

The fact that your system locks up and blocks the ctrl-alt-F? console switching, on the other end, might point to a problem with your video driver. There are known cases where Xorg seems to start normally at first and it displays the KDM login dialog just fine, but then it will crash with 100% certainty when trying to display the KDE splash screen. (example: the newer nvidia drivers with the RenderAccel option enabled) I don't know how likely that is, considering that you can start KDE manually without problems, but maybe you can try a very basic Xorg driver with all fancy options disabled.

I hope this helps.


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