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Re: can't start kde

On Friday 28 October 2005 09:14, Emil-Valentin Toma was heard to say:
> Hi, I'm new in using debian pure.
> After first install, install also kde, reboot, the
> login window appears but after few second kde doesn't
> start but come back in login window.
> I'vre reinstalled basic system, without software.
> I used "apt-get install kde". Everything ok. From
> console I tried startkde. The message:
> "kpersonalizer: cannot connect to X server" appears
> continually until Ctrl+c. What I have to do?
> Emil

You also need to "apt-get install xserver-xfree86" and maybe a few 
others to get the full xserver running so that KDE has something to 
display upon.

I'd suggest dselect, aptitude, tasksel, or one of the other helper 
programs for apt which will help resolve all the xwindow 


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