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Re: KDE "Run Command" won't start xterm

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On Wednesday 19 October 2005 11:52, Børre Gaup wrote:
> Vuossárga, golggotmánu 17. b.  2005 17:11, Mathijs Romans čálii:
> > Does anyone know why I can't open an xterm from the KDE "Run Command"
> > (Alt+F2) since upgrading to KDE 3.4?
> >
> > When I open the dialog and type "xterm", even the correct icon appears (a
> > gear), but when I press enter, an error message appears: "KDEInit could
> > not lanch '/usr/bin/xterm'. To check the path I run "echo $PATH > test"
> > in "Run Command", after which:
> > $ cat test
> > /usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/bin/X11:/usr/games
> >
> > so it should be able to find /usr/bin/X11/xterm, right?
> Absolutely.

No, not necessarily. The minicli (Alt+F2) uses the environment variables of 
the kdeinit process (which one of the first processes that are started when 
you log into KDE) to find and execute applications, while executing "echo 
$PATH > test" executes a shell (which sources the appropriate .bashrc or 
tcshrc or cshrc files) and in that shell executs the echo. 
So, the "echo $PATH" might have different environment variables than minicli 
uses. If you add /usr/bin/X11 in .bashrc, you might want to do it in 
~/.kde/env/*.sh instead.


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