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KDevelop3 not working - exit code 11

Hi, I'm new to this group.

I've been having some trouble with KDevelop3 not working.  The
KDevelop Designer part is the only one that shows any sign of even
having been executed, and it returns 11.  I've been working with
Synaptic, Aptitude and KPackage to try and pinpoint the problem, but
with no luck at all.  I was wondering if any of you had any ideas of
what might be the problem.  I'm running debian stable with kernel (I might have gotten the 8 and 6 mixed up, BTW) and
I think I've got just about everything that KDevelop wants, needs, and
reccommends installed.  The version of KDevelop is version 3.2.0-1. 
It installs fine, but execution doesn't work.  It isn't listed as a
broken package in any of the three apt-get interfaces (sometimes
they've all reported different stories to me... sort of strange, don't
you think?) and all but the designer just sit there after an attempted
execution like I didn't click at all.  No error code, no nothing.  I'm
positively stumped, and being rather new to Linux and KDE in general
am really out of ideas.  If it's of any relevancy, I haven't rebooted
at all between installs and reinstalls, though I have tried removing
the package and all of its configuration files.

Thanks for any help you can give me with my really strange problem
(don't worry, it's not time critical that I fix this until about three
days from now when I finish with my UML in Umbrello)

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