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Re: special characters

On Mon, 10 Oct 2005 22:15:52 +0200 Frank Zimmermann wrote:

> Dear all, 
> I encounter a very weird problem. When my girls friend logs in our
> machine and uses KDE she has no special characters like umlauts.
> Everything works fine with icewm and I don't have any problems using
> either icewm or KDE. I've checked every configuration option in
> kcontrol but havn't got to a solition so far. Can you give me any
> hints where to look?

1) Control panel / Regional and Accessibility / Country/Region & Layout


2) Control panel / Regional and Accessibility / Keyboard layout
Layout tab
	Xkb options tab

You haven't described what you do to get the umlauts.  There are
various ways (as usual!), and it's gets quite confusing.  I use this
option under 'Xkb options', under 'Third level choosers':
 'Press Right Alt to choose 3rd level, Shift+Right Alt-key is

To get o umlaut ö with this setting, there are two ways:

1) AltGr+[  then o  (dead keys method)
2) Shift+AltGr then " then o  (combining key method)

This page is quite useful:

There is also the complication of different keyboard layouts et.c


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