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Re: Search for a couple of utilities

"Ulrich Fürst" <kde-liste@vr-web.de> wrote: 
> Isaac Clerencia <isaac@warp.es> wrote: 
> > isaac@lupin:~$ dcop knotify Notify notify "video" "Video status"
> > "External  video enabled" "" "" 16 0
> > 
> > It displays a little notification that dissapears by itself, if you
> > 
> Geht auch mit 
> kdialog --passivepopup "Video status" $TIMEOUT

Sorry, for this posting!
I meant that:
kdialog --passivepopup "Video status" $TIMEOUT
does the same as the call of dcop posted by Isaac Clerencia.


(I guess I should write a brainfilter to seperate languages...)

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