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Re: KMail hangs on Send

Quoting Alex Nordstrom <lx@se.linux.org>:  
> Monday, 3 October 2005 07:51 Brendon Lloyd Higgins wrote:  
> > Ack! Whenever I try to send a message in KMail (3.4.2-2, Sid) the  
> > whole program freezes, both the composer window and the main window.  
> > This happens both for the "Send Now" and "Send Later" actions, but it  
> > doesn't happen for the "Save to Drafts" action.  
> Just a few thoughts:  
> - Are you using GPG signing of messages?  
My problem occurs regardless of whether or not I sign the message. If I try to send it signed, the program freezes,  
and I have to kill it forcefully (hit the close button, after a short wait KWin says the window is not responding and asks  
if I want to kill it). The GUI is blocked and won't redraw, BTW. If I try to send it unsigned it does the same. If I try to  
send using a different identity that doesn't have an associated key, it does the same. So it appears that whetever is  
causing this is happening before the code that brings up the window asking for the GPG password.  
> - Do you get any errors in ~/.xsession-errors or when running from the   
> command line?  
No. None at all found in either .xsession-errors or command line. 
> - Does debsums return any errors?  
"debsums kmail" reports all OK. 
> - Are you running KMail standalone or Kontact? Natively in KDE or in   
> some other environment?  
Standalone in KDE.  
I just tried running through Kontact and it causes the same behaviour. Hitting the send button or selecting from the  
menu causes the whole program (that is, both the Kontact and Composer windows are blocked (won't redraw) and won't  
> - Does it work as another user?  
The only other user account on this machine is root. Sending as root seems to work (after a slight pause). 

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