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Trying bleeding edge KDE; was: The debian directory in kde sources

Gary Cramblitt wrote:

> Yes, those are old and out of date.  It seems to be they should either be
> removed, or back-filled from alioth.

Found nothing on alioth for kde...

So what do I do it I want to try out the bleeding edge of KDE, if I have 
sarge? I see five options:

- Get the .diff.gz's for the 3.4.2 backport and try adapting those to 3.5beta1 
or SVN
- Get the .diff.gz's for 3.3.x from sarge and try adapting those to 3.5beta1 
or SVN
- Get 3.5beta1 or SVN, and try compiling with the old debian dirs
- Get the kubuntu packages that are available for 3,5beta1 and try backporting 
- build in a non-packaged way, by Konstruct or kdesvn-build; use /opt so this 
can all be removed later (but how do I handle apps that have dependencies on 
KDE? and how do I make kdm start up xfree86 without the kdm package?)

Which option is safer/better/etc?

Yours, Mikhail Ramendik

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