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Re: KMail hangs on Send

El Lunes, 3 de Octubre de 2005 01:51, Brendon Lloyd Higgins escribió:
> Ack! Whenever I try to send a message in KMail (3.4.2-2, Sid) the whole
> program freezes, both the composer window and the main window. This happens
> both for the "Send Now" and "Send Later" actions, but it doesn't happen for
> the "Save to Drafts" action.
> I've tried nuking .kde/share/apps/kmail and .kde/share/config/kmailrc and
> kmail.eventsrc, neither of which fixed the problem. I've tried removing the
> proxy from the control panel settings with no luck. I've tried changing
> some things in the STMP server config section in KMail (using detected
> settings). Nothing works!
> Any chance something in my Mail dir is fried? What should I look for? Any
> other ideas?

	What about a strace on KMail PID and/or tcpdump in order to see the traffic?

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