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Re: kmail corrupts emails

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On Wednesday 28 September 2005 20:51, Theo Schmidt wrote:
> Nick Leverton schrieb:
> >>Valid info
> >>should be written back to the maildir and KMail should not complain
> >>when opening a maildir touched by another agent.
> >
> > You could open a bugzilla change request and get us all to vote for it !
> > It's the major reason why I don't use kmail, even though I love the rest
> > of KDE.
> Do these problems also apply to Thunderbird, do you think, Nick? I have
> just switched to this even though I prefer kmail to Thunderbird, because
> I don't trust kmail any more for the mbox format and am not yet ready to
> switch to maildir (using ext3 and not reiserfs).

I'm using maildir, too, and I only use ext3. That's no problem at all. 
Actually, reading the maildir vs. mbox comparison for which I sent the link in 
one of my previous mails, they state that ext2 is just fine (for using 
Maildir with a courier mail server, so it should definitely also be fine for 
a home user).

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