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Re: kmail corrupts emails [solved]

On Tuesday 27 September 2005 01:44 pm, Pete Jewell wrote:
> However, ReiserFS is *much* more efficient when you have thousands of
> files in one directory, because it uses a hashing algorithm to determine
> where the required file is (or starts) in the filesystem.  This is
> something I know about (hashing) based on my experience with Pick
> database systems, which also use hashing and are incredibly fast at
> keyed record retrieval (as well as entire file/table traversal).
> I've used ReiserFS in the past mainly for it's journalling capability,
> which at the time was more complete than ext3's (this was on a RH6.2
> system with the 2.4.x series kernels).  As my customers at the time were
> very likely to simply switch the system off (for any reason, including
> not knowing how a particular application works that they'd wandered
> into), this feature saw a lot of (successful) use!

Thanks to Derek, Hendrik, and Pete for the replies!

Is there a chance that the hash for a ReiserFS can become corrupted like the 
index for a mbox file can be?  Or maybe I should ask it differently, because 
presumably something can happen to make it corrupted--does Reisers have some 
better error detection / correction / recovery for the hash than is typical 
of an index for an mbox file?

(Maybe I need to go read up on Reiser, and join a Reiser list. ;-)

Randy Kramer

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