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Re: KDE 3.4.2 from Debian Unstable

On Saturday 24 September 2005 12:08, Alper KANAT wrote:
> Hello,
> I was using testing (etch) and decided to install KDE 3.4.2 from the
> Unstable repositry. (I was using GNOME 2.10 from the unstable rep and
> dist-upgraded to unstable once then re-pinned to testing..)
> Any way, the installation was successful. I login to KDE and after the
> selections like themes etc, it freezes when I see the splash screen.. It
> just writes something like process communication (it's Turkish and i
> can't translate it exactly) and stops responding. I can move the mouse
> but can do nothing further. There's no clue in the .xsession-errors file.
> Does anybody have a clue about this ? I heard some people using it
> without any problems.. I'll have to reinstall Debian then.. :(

I don't know about the KDE issue but you don't have to re-install. Use one of 
the package management tools, aptitude, dselect, and purge the KDE packages.  
You can run 'deborphan' to find any libraries left behind. You (almost) never 
have to re-install.
Greg Madden

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