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Re: Bug#327191: kdm resets after login because of problem in ~/*profile

tags 327191 pending

On September 9, 2005 08:42, Jean de Largentaye wrote:
> Oh no, I wouldn't dare request a behaviour change. After all, I expect
> that being The Great Respected Maintainer, you know what you're doing
> ;).

That's the theory, anyway :)

> No, just giving users better notice should be enough. For example, a
> nice blatant warning during the pre-configure phase, as well as
> something in /usr/share/doc/kdm other than the changelog (through
> which I went, and must've missed that part, or dismissed as
> irrelevant)

I've added a lengthy item to the NEWS.Debian for kdm, so users shouldn't be 
left in the dark. If you use apt-listchanges, it will be displayed 
automatically; otherwise it will be located in /usr/share/doc/kdm.

Christopher Martin

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