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Removable media icon(s) on desktop?

Hi All.

I transitioned to KDE 3.4.2 yesterday evening (I just couldn't wait
anymore) on my Sid partition--so far very good!  Based on my limited 
experience with KNOPPIX 3.9, I know that KDE can dynamically add an 
icon to the desktop when a memory stick or other USB mass-storage 
device is inserted.

I installed the dbus, hal, and pmount packages and Konquerer
dynamically displays icons for my memory stick and camera upon
insertion and removal.  Now, I would like these icons to pop up on the
desktop instead of just in Konquerer.  I know KNOPPIX does some
interesting stuff with UNIONFS and I'm not sure if that is involved

Also, it seems as though Konquerer uses an internal mount point as I
was unable to find a traditional mount point with the mount command. 
How then might I be able to access the device such as through Midnight


- Nate >>

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