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Re: half duplex

I have done "mii-tool -v", here is the outcome

 eth0: negotiated 100baseTx-HD, link ok
  product info: vendor 00:40:63, model 50 rev 8
  basic mode:   autonegotiation enabled
  basic status: autonegotiation complete, link ok
  capabilities: 100baseTx-FD 100baseTx-HD 10baseT-FD 10baseT-HD
  advertising:  100baseTx-FD 100baseTx-HD 10baseT-FD 10baseT-HD flow-control
  link partner: 100baseTx-HD 10baseT-HD

I think the hub does support full duplex. It is netgear dual speed hub model DS104.

On 7/29/05, Dietz Proepper <dietz@rotfl.franken.de> wrote:
> ehm, thank you all very much, I will try to connect my laptop directly
> with the modem and see if there is any difference.

You need another cable (or a rather intelligent nic or modem;) for this.

> Does half duplex make the network traffic slower?

It does. But as I already said, this should not matter in your situation,
because that bridge (or modem or whatever) will be the bottleneck.
Therefore, simply leave it as it is.

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