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Re: half duplex

larinia wrote:


I saw the half duplex message in the /var/log/syslog. I am not sure if the cat-5 cable is the network cable(Sorry, I am a newbie), if it is, then it is connecting to a hub, which is then connect to a wireless bridge.

Doofus wrote:

larinia wrote:

Hello list,

I am running debian unstable version on my laptop, for some reason, the eth0 is running under half duplex. The interface does come up and I do have internet access, I am just wondering if there is a way I can make it working under full duplex. Can anyone help?

Thanks a lot


How do you know you're running at half duplex?
What's the other end of your cat-5 cable connected to?

Tell us the make and model of your hub and maybe we can quickly find out if it'll talk duplex. Generally speaking you need a proper ethernet switch.

There are quite a few instances of some switch gear being incompatible with some network interfaces when relying on Auto N-way. Cisco and Sun HappyMeals probably the best example. In these cases you need to have only one of the two running auto-negotiation and the other hard set to run 100MB/FD.

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