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Re: Repairing a broken KDE on Debian Unstable

C&P Davids comment on html email here..

>Fra: Riviere Informatique SARL [mailto:svdbeek@rivinfo.com]

> This solution worked perfectly for me.
> See also the message Adeodato Simó wrote on this list 3 days ago, who
states you should use the 3.3.2-6.1
> kdelibs, not the 3.3.2-7 version which is proposed as an upgrade in the
unstable branch.

>> If you asked me you should use whatever kde packages are available in
> That doesn't work. The package structure in unstable is broken for kde.
This was the cause of the problem!

Yes but it's only a couple of libraries that are broken. You can get those
from testing, after which KDE should install without problems.

>> Once you have a working system, just don't upgrade until KDE 3.4.1 is
>> available in unstable and is working.

> Yeah - if you pay attention you won't get into trouble. If you don't, like
me, then you have extra work...

I survived a week of enlightenment as my desktop, until I found out how to
get KDE 3.4.1 up and running again. It was not something I enjoyed.. :)


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