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Re: Double Trash Cans???

Whenever I remove an item in Gwenview, a new Trashcan is on my desktop 
created, with the same name than the usual one...

Rafael Rodríguez

El Lunes, 25 de Julio de 2005 20:32, Timothy Baldwin escribió:
> In message <[🔎] 200507172044.44447.tilleyrw@cfl.rr.com>, Robert Tilley
> <tilleyrw@cfl.rr.com> wrote:
> > Attached is a viewing of two Trash icons on my KDE 3.4.1 desktop.
> > Included in the screenshot are different property windows.
> >
> > Can someone please explain this bit of weirdness?  Why are there two
> > instead of one?
> The one on the right is the new improved trash can, to which your trash has
> been moved. However there is a bug in that the old trash can is not
> removed, you can delete it.
> Same here, except it's called Wastebin in British English.
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