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Re: utf8 in konqueror

On Thu 21 July 2005 13:24, Miros/law Baran wrote:
> 21.07.2005 pisze David P James (dpjames@rogers.com):
> > I would tend to use the Free Sans font but it isn't complete enough
> > like the others mentioned here (though it will display the above
> > page without a problem). It's too bad the Arial Unicode MS font
> > isn't available from outside Windows since it is one of the most
> > complete and reasonable looking fonts around.
> In the contrib part of the archive you can find msttcorefonts
> package, an installer for the MS corefonts available from
> corefonts.sf.net.

Yes, but the MS Corefonts do not include Arial Unicode MS - only regular 
Arial, which doesn't include all the extra characters that the Unicode 
version has (the Unicode version is some 22MB; the others not more than 
1 or 2).

David P James
Ottawa, Ontario
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