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KDE font installer problem

[I posted this on Debian-User, but afterwards realized that the
Debian-KDE list is probably more appropriate.]

After recently reinstalling Debian as Unstable, I tried to run

Control Center >> System Administration >> Font Installer

It crashes with the message:

>   There was an error loading the module
>  The diagnostics is:
>      /usr/lib/libkfontinst.so.0: undefined symbol: FTC_SBit_Cache_Lookup
>   Possible reasons:
>    ** An error occurred during your last KDE upgrade leaving an orphaned control module
>    ** You have old third party modules lying around.

>    Check these points carefully and try to remove the module
>    mentioned in the error message. If this fails, consider contacting
>    your distributor or packager.

When I Googled for this, I found that people have received this
message with a wide array of KDE Control Center applets--not only the
Font Installer, but I was not able to see any solution offered. When I
checked on another computer of mine which I apt-upgrade frequently, this
problem also appeared, but when I checked on yet another computer that I
don't often upgrade it was OK. I suspect there is a broken part in the
present version of KDE-Debian.

Another thing that turns up from web search is the advice on a Gentoo
list to resolve the problem by "re-emerging" kdebase, and a number of
Gentoo users have acknowledged that this indeed solves the problem. I
wonder if there is some kind of Debian equivalent for this?

Any ideas?


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