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Re: Sarge install problem

Hallo Theo!

On Mon, 18 Jul 2005, Theo Schmidt wrote:

I tried installing Sarge from a DVD to a laptop. As I don't like gdm, I tried
replacing it with kdm during the install process. I chose "subpixel
rendering" as recommended by the installer. Now the fonts and sometimes the
windows in kdm and in KDE are far too big even though the fonts are set to 10
or 12 points. The fonts in konsole are however fine, everything in gnome is
fine, and the system itself seems OK. The screen itself is OK, e.g. the
icons, taskbar and background pictures are the correct sizes. KDE is however
unusable as only a few words at a time fit on the screen (The huge letters
are incidently completely sharp, i.e. not magnified 10 or 12 pt letters).

I tried using the KDE control center and xf86config (using vesa) to remedy
this without success. I also tried purging and reinstalling both kdem and gdm
several times to no avail. Gdm is also too large.

You don't write what exactly you tried to do inside the control center... did you try changing the various fonts inside the kde control center?

You also might want to try fontconfig and see what maping between fonts is enabled there.

One other thing: after 10 minutes or so the USB mouse stops working, may be a
unrelated problem.

I'd say so. Might be that Debian's automatic HW detection tools and X don't play well together. Have you had a look at the kernel messages (/var/log/kern.log or "dmesg")?

  Tomas Pospisek
  http://sourcepole.com -  Linux & Open Source Solutions

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