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Re: safe to upgrade sid?

KMail is behaving itself for me (Sid + Alioth), but right now konq-plugins and 
kdeaddons are conflicting with each other, even though kdeaddons requires 
konq-plugins. :-)  (I think it's because for some reason apt-get show gives 
konq-plugins 3.4.0pre2 while apt-get install gives konq-plugins 
3.3.something.  Not sure why).  My sound system is also very jerky all of a 

I think at the moment, best advice is to not upgrade Sid until it has settled 
down more, unless you're fixing a specific problem.  (Of course I now have 
several of my own doing. <g>)

On Friday 15 July 2005 08:16 pm, Tim Folger wrote:
> Has anyone upgraded sid within the last few days without encountering the
> segfault with kmail? Does the upgrade still break kmail?
> Tim

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