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Re: Konq. cookies and kwallet broken after recent Sid upgrade

On 7/12/05, thorsten.nyc@gmail.com <thorsten.nyc@gmail.com> wrote:

> Since running a Sid update last night, konqueror wont use store any cookies.
> In addition, the KDE wallet system broke. Neither konqueror nor kopete
> nor kcheckgmail are able to store any passwords.
> Via kopete, I can connect to AIM and ICQ, but connections to MSN,
> Yahoo Messenger or Jabber fail silently.
> All this worked just fine until last night's Sid update. Does anybody
> know what's going on?

In answer to my own question, it seems all these problem stemmed from
a broken kwallet configuration in my account. I had always used to
default wallet (aptly named 'kdewallet'.) Apparently, the wallet
manager no longer would pick this sole existing wallet.

After changing 
          Default Wallet=
          Default Wallet=kdewallet
in ~/.kde/share/config/kwalletrc, everything works fine, now. (And no,
I had never touched kwalletrc, before.)


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