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Re: In search of the 'Perfect' URI for usb printers

Gayle Lee Fairless wrote:

I am trying to install an USB HP psc1210 printer on my Gateway 500 that was running woody but now running sarge. I have a 2.6.12 kernel available.

The KDE Control Center has



but the device driver(?) picked a HP 697C driver from the foomatic database.

Now I've gotten a test page from the HP 697C parallel printer on lp0. But the psc 1210 does not respond.

I'm typing this from work and can supply more info tonight if needed.

I also have the package that mentions gimp.

How do I get the usb printer online. I also want to get the scanner interfaced, too.


(Mr.) Gayle Lee Fairless

Hello Gayle,

Now that I have your printer description, I found this driver at http://localhost:631/admin under usb Printer #1, make HP:

Common UNIX Printing System


	Model/Driver for USBHPpsc1210 	




Copyright 1993-2005 by Easy Software Products, All Rights Reserved. The Common UNIX Printing System, CUPS, and the CUPS logo are the trademark property of Easy Software Products <http://www.easysw.com>. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

ie., *HP PSC 1210 Foomatic/hpijs (recommended) (en)

I wouldn't try to use the ipp driver. I did and never could get the printer to respond in any way. Just go the http://localhost:631/admin on your browser and sign in as root, select add printer, fill in the name, location and description of your printer, click continue and select usb printer#1, click continue and select HP for the make, click continue and select the above driver you'll find at the very bottom of the list, click continue once more and I think you are through with the setup. Click of the link on the last page where it says your printer is installed and you can then have you printer print out a test page to see if its going to work.

If you figure out how to get your All In One scanner feature to work, let me know as I need that on my Stylus CX6400
Note: this sets up a local printer on your PC. I don't know any thing about network printers. Hope this helps. This is how I set up my Epson USB printer just using the appropriate selections for my printer.

Leonard Chatagnier

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