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Re: KDE 3.4

El Viernes, 8 de Julio de 2005 12:46, Andrew Ingram escribió:
> Hey list. Just a quick question. I've been hearing a lot about the
> progress of Xorg into Sid but not heard anything lately about KDE3.4
> entering Debian. Have I just missed something or has it gone a bit
> quiet? Just curious, that's all.

	No, you missed something, definitely. :-)

	The Debian KDE team is working hard in order to make the C++ ABI transition. 
I do not know if you understand what it means. They have to wait until all 
their build dependencies in sid have the new ABI, apart from renaming several 
libraries by appending "c2" to their names in order to reflect the change in 
their internal binary interface.

	This is the thing that stalls KDE just now.

	Is your question answered? Feel free to ask.

	Best regards,

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