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Re: Upgrading KDE and it's dependencies

Jarkko Suontausta wrote:
> Upgrading KDE when an older version is already running often causes a lot of 
> trouble. This is mostly an upstream issue AFAIK, but it might be possible to 
> add some preventive/corrective measures in the Debian packages. Does anyone 
> have any ideas?

I have a rather agressive method.

  KDEVERSION=$(dpkg --status kdelibs4 | awk '/^Version:/{print$2}')

That returns the base version of the KDE packages installed on the
machine.  Then I get a list of packages with that version.

  grep-available -n -s Package $KDEVERSION > /tmp/kde-pkg.list

I then remove that list.  WARNING!  Don't do this unless you know what
you are doing.

  apt-get remove --purge $(</tmp/kde-pkg.list)

Then upgrade.  Then reinstall KDE.  Yes it is harsh.  But it has been
the most reliable method for me to upgrade machines.  Not really an
upgrade I am afraid.  Fortunately most other parts of the system
upgrade okay.


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