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Re: KDE directory navigation freeze problem

En/La Björn Krombholz ha escrit, a 01/07/05 02:46:
> Hi Jonathan,
> I ran into similar problems a few month ago. fam is a daemon that
> monitors file changes. But you can simply replace fam by gamin, it's
> smaller in size, needs less ressources and I never notices such
> strange behaviours like the one you described with gamin.
> Björn

Hi Björn,
Thanks for the type but... there's a problem with gamin.
aptitude install gamin
gives this result,
The following packages are unused and will be REMOVED:
  kapptemplate kbabel kbugbuster kcachegrind kdesdk-kfile-plugins
  kdesdk-misc kdesdk-scripts kmtrace kuiviewer libart-2.0-dev
libarts1-dev libcupsys2-dev libgcrypt11-dev libgnutls11-dev
libgpg-error-dev libjack0.80.0-dev libmad0-dev libogg-dev
libopencdk8-dev libpcre3-devlibtasn1-2-dev libvorbis-dev libxml2-utils
poxml qt3-designer umbrello valgrind valgrind-callgrind

The following packages will be automatically REMOVED:
  fam kde-devel kdebase-dev kdelibs4-dev kdesdk kspy libfam-dev
libfam0c102  libkonq4-dev

I think you can understand that I'm a little hesitant about having all
that stuff removed. Any ideas?
Cheers and thanks again,

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