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Re: CD-ROM eject

I've set it up in Kcontrol option, but it never shows me a mounted/umounted 
devices on the desktop. To be more correct: sometimes it shows and sometimes 
I've just tried out kwikdisk and sometimes it's work (50/50%). I've set the 
eject command for unmound cd-s and sometimes it work and sometimes not.
It seems the default command for ejecting cd-s (kio_devices_mounthelper) not 
work in Debian as it should work. 
I have one more question: in gnome when you insert a media cd it starts the 
appropriate application (gnome-cd, totem, etc). Is there any settings menu in 
kde which will allow to set up similar things. I know how to setup kscd, but 
it start playing only if it were previously placed in the systray.
Thanks in advance!

------- Original message -------
From: hacker <golfbuf@gmail.com>
To: debian kde <debian-kde@lists.debian.org>
Subject: Re: CD-ROM eject
Date: 27 Июнь 2005 03:47
> On 6/26/05, Serja <mekoc@inbox.ru> wrote:
> I find that if I configure the desktop to have un/mounted devices
> showing, and use these (right click to get menu) to mount and unmount,
> then I have no problem (even if konqueror is still opened to the
> drive).  Have you tried this?  Also, there's something called kwikdisk
> that works too.
> regards,
> hacker

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