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Re: Usability: Desktop icons that use Kwallet

2005. június 11. 14:21,
Hendrik Sattler <ubq7@stud.uni-karlsruhe.de>
-> debian-kde@lists.debian.org,:
> Am Samstag, 11. Juni 2005 13:57 schrieb Anders Ellenshøj Andersen:
> > If the application is allowed access to kwallet it usually presents you
> > with the authorization information in a login style prompt so you
> > actually have two layers you have to pass before you are logged in.
> >
> > The main point is, why would anyone want to deny the desktop access to
> > the kwallet when it is already open? I can understand that if kwallet is
> > not open you have to supply the password to open it, but when it is
> > already open it doesn't make sense to ask the user if he wants to use
> > information in it. If you left your console without logging out, an evil
> > person could just say yes when the desktop prompts the user to get
> > access. And she would already have access to much more sensitive
> > information. Another argument would be if someone were to somehow spoof
> > an icon so that is accesses the wallet without you knowing it, but in
> > that case I'd say you already have bigger problems on your hand.
> >
> > If nobody can come up with good counter argument, I will file a wishlist
> > bug about this.
> 1. You can have the wallet automatically closed if no program uses it any
> longer and on screen lock and...
> If you leave your desktop unlocked (for whatever reason), you may want to
> enable immediate closing of the wallet after each use (yes, you can do
> that).

This feature is not always usable... for example when kopete starts, it opens 
a wallet, and leaves it open as long as kopete is running. You have to quit 
kopete to close the opened wallet (but why would you want to do that?). 
Although, you can set a timeout for closing the wallets, the minimum value is 
1 minute. A lot of things can happen to your computer during that 1 minute if 
you leave it open (i.e.: not locking the desktop), but in this case there is 
the "Close all wallets feature" which is usefull, if you are paranoid and do 
not want to lock your desktop for every 20 second leaving.



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