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Re: Kopete, 3.4, MSN

On Thursday May 26 2005 4:42 pm, Brendon Lloyd Higgins wrote:
> Hi all,
> I went though the recent list archives and it was suggested that
> Kopete in Alioth had had MSN support fixed. I'm guessing this means
> the 3.4 packages on Alioth, right? If that's so, why does it still
> not work? For me, at least, Kopete still bails with "Incorrect
> Password" while Gaim connects just fine.
> So is it fixed or not?

Another option is to use the Jabber component (or better yet, skip 
Kopete and use Psi if you won't miss the kontact integration chrome) 
and get a login on a freebie jabber server that has the MSN transport 
installed (like ursine.ca).


Paul Johnson
Email and Instant Messenger (Jabber): baloo@ursine.ca

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