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Cervisia kpart integration in konqueror fails

Dear all, 

I installed the 3.4-pre packages from alioth. Beforehand, there was a 
nice integration into Konqueror / kfm. On CVS-folders it showed a 
cervisia-icon in the main toolbar. Clicking on the icon and cervisia 
started as a kpart of konqueror (integrated). 
Despite the fact that I installed all the necessary packages, the icon 
is gone. Cervisia works normally, Konqueror works normally, but there 
is no integration anymore. It seems, the integration was done in 
kdevelop3 that had to be uninstalled to be replaced by kdesdk.
AFAIK, the (now missing) integration of cervisia was in the kdeaddons 
package. Were there parts in kdevelop3 that haven't been taken up by 
What exists now is an icon in the file-menu: open directory with 
cervisia, but this is not the same.

Has anybody an idea why this integration does not work anymore in the 
alioth packages?



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