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right way to start ksysguardd?

I'm using the KDE 3.4 packages from aleroth.  I want to put a ksysguard
applet in my panel, as I had in KDE 3.3.  But when I start it, it can't
connect to ksysguardd, because ksysguardd isn't running.

I don't remember ever having to start ksysguardd myself in 3.3, or ever
wondering whether it had started or how to start it.  I just ran ksysguard,
and it worked.  Apparently ksysguardd was already running.

I'm not sure what's changed now, but for whatever reason, ksysguardd 3.4
doesn't start automatically.  I've compared the 3.3.2 and 3.4.0 package
files, and looked around in /etc/kde3, and I don't see any obvious

I also don't find ksysguardd in the Control Center, under Service Manager,
where I would expect to find it.

So, what's the right way to have ksysguardd start automatically at boot?  Of
course I could write my own boot script, but I don't want to do that--
surely there must be some existing way of enabling it.

Is anyone else having this problem in 3.4?

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