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Re: Printing with Konqueror. Small font size

Cousin Stanley wrote:
>    But maybe for a multi-user environment,
>    a temporary fix in a central location
>    instead of a single fix to each of many
>    users $home might actually be preferable
>    and less hassle in the long run ????

Even then I wouldn't mess with /usr/share/*/*.css, but rather either I would
this file to /etc/skel (for new users -- they can modify it later), or if
you need centralized stylesheet, then I would put stylesheet file somewhere
in /etc (/etc/kde3/local? or maybe /usr/local/share/<something>
or /usr/local/kde???) and then run (as root):

for user in /home/*; do
 echo '@import {/etc/kde3/konqueror/konqueror.css}' > \
 sed -e "s/UserStyleSheet=.*$/UserStyleSheet=\$user/.kde/konqueror.css' \
 chown echo ${user:6} $user/.kde/share/config/konquerorrc \

(or maybe put the user's CSS file into ~/.kde/share/apps/konqueror, it
doesn't matter, but it seems cleaner). Be aware, that this is totally
untested, and probably will screw up all configurations for all users.


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