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Re: getting standard konqueror side bar entries when upgrading from KDE 3.3 to 3.4


On Monday 28 March 2005 19:19, Martin Steigerwald wrote:
> just because I didn't find those two solutions you propose which IMHO is a

Of course. My post wasn't intended to blame you for not finding it. It was 
about Information. I used questionmarks for it seeed somewhat strange to me 
that someone fiddles aroud with config-files while not seeing the IMHO much 
simpler solution at hand.

> very valid reason. The context menu at "KDE Dienste" (KDE services)
> doesn't have an entry to add storage media, only to add web navigation
> areas.

You're right, but I didn't say that. I said you can create a custom entry and 
then enter any URL and therefore any protocol you like. 

> Anyway in the end I found those files before I found those menu entries.
> And when more people than me do not find these menu items this probably
> hints at improvement potential in user interface design. And actually it
> still would have been nice if KDE added that media functionality straight
> there straight away without me having to fiddle around with that,

You're using the _preliminary_ packages from alioth? Just wanted to make 
sure.. Besides that it's pretty common that changing KDE releases sometimes 
isn't that smooth and requires some, errr, manual intervention.

> Well probably I file some wishlist item about this one. Time constraints
> might hinder me and I accept that they might hinder KDE developers, too.

Well, you might as well have kept this somewhat shorter and wrote a bug report 
if it's really that serious to you.

> Anyway I thought I found a solution of a problem others might have, too,
> and thought I share it. I gladly appreciate any solution that fits better
> than the solution I found.

And again. My post wasn't inteded to call you silly, so no need for defending 
yourself. If I got you in the wrong spot, it wasn't meant to be, but after 
all, this is a ML. Somtimes you just keep it short to save time and not 
because you're an unfriendly or arrogant moron.


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