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Kate plugin for marking text


I would love to have a plugin for kate (katepart? kwritepart?), which would
be marking selection in the curly braces based tags. What I mean is that i
would like to have a key shortcut which would

 this selected text

change into

 {category}this selected text{/category}

where "category" would be obtained through a dialog box.

I can do this with KVim, but I am getting so unhappy with how vim streches
my brain and this will be probably *a lot of* marking, so I would much
prefer more civilized environment of Kate (no flame intended -- I know and
I have used vim for couple of years -- see the signature of this message --
think that I went mad).

Can anybody advice me how to do this with the current kate (Kate: 2.3.2,
KDE: 3.3.2, Qt: 3.3.3) and DCOP-based external scripts? Can I assign a
shortcut to such script?

Or do I have to go for CVS-HEAD kate? Is there a way how to compile just
kate from CVS and leave the rest of my KDE more or less intact? I really do
not want to have whole kdebase (or whole KDE for that matter) from CVS, and
of I do not want to spend a day (or how much time it would take with this
poor 450MHz computer to compile whole KDE) with this.

Thanks for any help,


Matej Cepl, http://www.ceplovi.cz/matej
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