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Re: kmail (KDE 3.4): 'ignore thread' weirdness

El Miércoles 23 Marzo 2005 10:08, Adrian von Bidder escribió:
> Hi,
> Is this truly a KDE issue?  The new kmail (installed from alioth) doesn't
> allow me to 'ignore thread' on a single message.  As soon as it really is a
> thread, it works, but on single messages, hitting 'i' jumps to the next
> folder with a name starting with 'i'.  (And in the menu, the 'ignore
> thread' and 'watch thread' is duly greyed out.)

No problem here, but I'll not demostrate it with this thread.

It's stupid but, are you sure the focus in on the mail list? (and not the 
folder list)

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