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Re: firefox and kde: saved sessions

On Monday 21 March 2005 16:58, Derek Broughton wrote:

> My understanding, too.  The reason that the Session saver extension doesn't
> help would appear to be because it is a cross-platform extension that knows
> nothing about the X session protocol.  It would help if it would use it in
> an X environment.  If you have the session saver extension installed, you
> may find that Firefox saves its state when you shut down your KDE session
> (the description implies it won't even do that) but you still have to open
> Firefox manually (or from Autostart) when you restart KDE.

Sounds a bit strange.
I think the X desktop users are more or less the reason Mozilla and Firefox 
exist, which makes is hard to believe they couldn't get session managment 
working there.

Maybe there is a different extension/plugin that implements X session 


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