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Couldn't find MIME type application/octet-stream

It happend to me too when I upgraded my system (I use Slackware). The solution was to create a new MIME type named "octet-stream" using KDE's control center.

In the control center select "KDE Componentes" then "File Associations". In the window that appears click on the Add... button. A small dialog box will appear. Select "application" fom the drop down box, and type "octet-stream" (without the quotes) in the blank labeled Type name. Click OK to add the new MIME type. After you click OK another window appears. I had to type something in the "Filename Patterns" box so that my new MIME type would be actually saved. Because if I left it all blank, it would not be saved. So I just typed "octet-stream" (again, without the quotes). Make sure you don't use an already existent filename pattern or any wildcards. Make sure to click Apply before clicking OK. That's it. I hope it helps.

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