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Re: KGpg crashes on querying the keyserver

Pierre Habouzit wrote:
Le Jeu 17 Mars 2005 13:28, Stelian Iancu a écrit :

Hi all,

Latest KDE 3.4 packages from alioth on debian unstable. KGpg crashes
on querying the keyserver.

Steps to reproduce:
- open KGpg
- go to File -> Keyserver dialog
- type something in the box (I typed my name cause I wanted to import
my other keys)
- press the "Search" button
- KGpg crashes

I cannot reproduce.

is your gnupg up to date ? (see recent dato's mail about gnupg2 entering in unstable)

I can see, indeed, a gnupg2 package in unstable. But it's not an upgrade of gnupg. So should I remove gnupg before installing gnupg2?

Thanks and regards,

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