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Re: cdrom module loading causes hangup

Am Wednesday 09 March 2005 05:42 schrieb Aaron Frerichs:
> I have a new Asus M5N laptop on which I installed Debian Linux.  It
> works nearly perfectly, except that it hangs for about 10-20 seconds
> after I have been using KDE for around 2-3 minutes.  I checked
> /var/log/message and /var/log/syslog, and it seems to be trying to load
> a bunch of cdrom modules, that I don't need.
> Anybody have a clue as to what program is trying to load these modules?
>  And then, anyone have a way to stop the program from trying?
> Here is a sample from /var/log/messages
> Mar  6 21:57:12 noire kernel: Did not find a Sony CDU-535 drive
> Mar  6 21:57:12 noire kernel: sbpcd-0 [01]:  sbpcd.c v4.63 Andrew J.
> Kroll

Usually this is caused by discover, which does automatic hardware detection, 
and these modules are needed for some older CD-ROMs, which cannot be detected 
by other means than loading all possible drivers and seeing, if the driver 
manages to detect a device.

Try removing discover (apt-get remove discover) and see if that fixes it. I 
have never really needed automatic hardware detection at boot or runtime, so 
I usually remove that as one of the first steps after install...

Patrick Dreker

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