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kword cuts off text justified to right side of page

Hi all,

I haven't been using kword for a while now because it seems to have developed 
an annoying bug where any printed or displayed text is partially cut-off when 
justified to the right side of the page.  That is, when I right justify text, 
a "d" will have most of the pixels halfway past the loop of the "d" aren't 
displayed at all as the letter is too close to the thin, grey rectangle that 
denotes the page (or I guess page margin) border.  The letter is situated so 
that it would "straddle" this border, but the portion of the letter that's 
past the border isn't displayed on the screen or in print.  

I tried deleting all the kword rc and config files in .kde, but this didn't do 
anything.  If anyone has info on how to fix this, I'd appreciate it, since 
kword is basically useless for me while this problem exists.



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